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fox shocks???

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i have a kore lift on my truck with fox racing shocks... i believe they are the 3.0 7/8 resevior shocks. i was detailing my truck today and discovered that there is a spot on the shocks where you can air them up. i was wondering if anyone had i guide for the psi i should be airing them up to, or if anyone had any personal opinions about them. any help would be great! thanks.
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are you sure that is not where they charge them with nitrogen? if so dont touch
idk but i think its to fill them with air...i will take some pics and then post them in a couple minutes
here are the shocks......

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was wondering if i could fill the litttle tabs on the end with air?
i don't think those are air shocks. i agree with jfranklin that those are most likely nitrogen shocks.
ok well at least now i know lol
Do not put air in them. They are nitrogen fill only. The pressure should be 200 psi on all four corners and the front S/S you can play w/ the pressure. The more the better, but sometimes the truck will pull left w/ higher pressures. Just let a little nitrogen out until it tracks straight, but still feel the S/S work.

Are you sure those are 3.0 shocks? Did you get the truck used since you said "I believe they are 3.0 shocks"? They look like 2.5" shocks.
when i got the truck, the lift was on, but with stock wheels and tires!?!?!? maybe the previous owner took them off but i dont know. thanks for all the info. but where would i find a place to fill 'em up with nitrogen?
The schraeder valve is to charge the shock with nitrogen. I'd fill with 150 psi minimum but you can go much higher than that. I think we put 250 psi in my Kings last time around, and I know people who run 300+ in their shocks.

Have them filled at a motorcycle shop or even a welding supply.
thanks if i fill them up to a higher psi will it lift the truck more or just make the suspension more tight than loose and same with lowering psi
Shocks don't give the height. The coils and rear leafs give you the height. I know the Fox Shocks by KORE recommend 200 psi. My Carli Suspension w/ the KING's are 150 psi.

Shocks give the dampening/compression and up travel of the truck ride (in a nutshell). It's good to check the nitrogen once a year. You still can loose psi over time.
thats what i needed to know good sir. maybe i will get some leaf springs for the front... do you know of any brands that make front leafs for 06 3500 dodge?
The front has coils and the rear has leafs. If your going to go w/ bigger coils up front for more height. Your shocks will get too short for up travel and ruin the front shocks.

Unless your not happy w/ your suspension. I would not change it. The KORE suspension will ride better than any lift kit out there on and off road. Especially w/ those 2.5" shocks.
yea i hear that. what about jus putting airbags in the back cause i really dont like how it sags when im towin 15 yards of gravel of quads or the boat or anything. i would like the nice stance when towing but would it screw up the suspension when im not
Yep, air bags are good if towing/hauling a heavy load. Any air bag brand will work, but if you off road a lot. I would advise the Carli Long Travel Air Bags. The others you will lose wheel travel. Carli bags you don't lose most of your travel in the rear. They are more $$$ than the others, but worth it if you off road more than washboard roads.
how much money are we estimating
Here is what the long travel Carli air bag set up looks like

They work great on or off road unlike the std firestone type.

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I don't really know exact numbers. Firestone & Pac Brake are anywhere from $250 to $$$. Depends if you want a on board air compressor and switch in the cab.

The Carli Long Travel Bags are roughly $750.
my dad had air bags on his old 12v and he had a psi gauge for each and then a switch to cut the compressor off... do you think that would be a good idea and i already have a compressor from the pac-brake
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