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Follow up on Regen prob with DPF delete

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I had a recurring regen problem with my truck after installing an H&S DPF delete a few weeks ago. It took a while to figure out, but the problem was my fault on the install. I plugged the air pressure lines that went to the stock exhaust rather than leaving them unplugged like they are supposed to be. This caused the computer to read increased pressure and start a regen cycle. I have since put nearly a 1000 miles on the truck after unplugging the pressure lines with no regens. So, if you are having unexplained regens with a DPF delete, check the pressure lines and make sure they aren't plugged. I put a small double ended pipe fitting between them to keep them closed off from the elements and eliminate any possible difference in pressure between the lines. Thanks to everyone that offered suggestions and help. I really appreciate it.:thumbsup