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:thumbsup:Hi I am Dave,brand new to this forum.....Been a cummins owner for a few years.
I have a 91 350 4x4,and a have had a 05 350 4x4 which I wrecked and recently bought back from good ol crooked sgi.
My first day here but have already found all sorts of info on hop-ups,conversions etc.I am looking to do alittle fixin on ol the ram as she needs alittle tlc,the ol girl has been very good for me and just can't justify the prices of a new one,or a newer one again.But it does need some work.I hope I can help some out alittle bit around here and hope to learn alittle as well.My father has had a few cummins also so I we have some experiances fixing,but we've usally left well enough alone. After all ours have been used only as work trucks.
P.s. I have been trying to locate a transfer case shifter rod for the 91 with 5 sp.Discontinued and there isn't a wrecker in sask that has one...If anyone knows of local parts it would be appreciated.
Thanks again Dave
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