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fluids / servicing the built 48re

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first off, i am hearing a lot of controversy over which ATF fluid i should be running in my new tranny.

i would like to know if i should be running mercon 3 or atf+4 and if it is worth it to use an additive. i would like to drop the pan myself and do the service but i need to know how to properly flush it myself. (or if i can)

if i pull the pan off, what am i looking for as far as the filter goes, is it a screen style? and also will the converter drain its self or is there something i have to do?

sorry for all the questions, but i am still learning and i don't wanna pay 2 bills for someone else to do it and possibly use crappy fluid. i am also wondering if there will be a lot or any trapped atf in the cooler/lines.

i would like to note i am VERY VERY hard on this tranny and i want the best service and fluids to make it last under my beatings. it is already starting to develop the jolting under low throttle on the 1-2 shift and it scared the crap out of me. this is a brand new set up

thanks tranny guru's!
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ATF+4 is the stuff to use. The filter is a biscuit type screwed to the bottom of the valvebody. You can't drain all the fluid out of the trans by dropping the pan alone. However, according to Chrysler, the ATF+4 should last 100k miles, assuming no overheating. You could therefore simply change filter and top off the fluid. If you wish to flush it, you'll have to find a place that does the flushing procedure.
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