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floor liners

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I was wondering if any of the site sponsors have weathertech floor liners. Looking for black two piece front and the rear. For a 2012 crew. Were is everyone ordering from?. Was going to order the Cabela's ones but don't care to wait 6 weeks for them.
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WeatherTech Factory Store and Manufacturing Facility
841 Remington Blvd
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
My $0.02, I ordered black husky liners and put them in my black interior. EVERY SPECK OF DIRT shows. My buddy ordered gray ones for his, same interior. They don't look out of place, and the dirt doesn't show as much.

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I have the husky liners and I love them. Got them from XDP.

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I have weathertechs and I've had them in the past 3 vehicles, work great. The black does show dust but i keep my truck pretty clean so its not a big deal to me. Theres a local mr. pickup by me that always has them in stock at reasonable prices
If you get Husky, the rear is made by Weathertech. The front Husky needs to be 1/2" wider to cover the door edge. My only complaint.
I got the maxfloormats. Just like the weather techs, but are a little cheaper. Absolutly love the way they fit.
another reason why I have a truck with rubber floors, don't need to worry about floor liners.. :)
Truck stays pretty clean, so I'm not worried about dirt. Just need to get them ordered before the snow flies here.
Weathertech's are worth the money IMO.
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