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Fixed turbo

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This may be a dumb question, but I'll ask anyway. Is it at all possible to swap to a fixed turbo on an otherwise bone stock pickup? I know it'll need a manifold swap as well, I'm just asking because of the regen stuff. I wouldn't think it would be possible but eh, hell there might be a chance. I have all the stuff to do the deletes with, but I don't want to yet because of past luck with deleted trucks that had problems that would have been under warranty had I not done the deletes. Please keep flaming to a minimum lol.
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Short answer no you can't. The only thing you can do is add another turbo. Won't help anything though but that's about it as far as stock goes.

Even if you keep the stock manifold you will get a check engine light when you unhook the turbo. Obviously if you add a 2nd gen mani you will lose your egr and get codes.

Anyway I'm sure doing any of this is just as likely to void your warranty.
About what I figured. Just thot I'd ask tho. Didn't know if maybe someone had found a way around it. I have a MM and the guys at H&S said, when asked about vgt delete programming, if I wanted to swap turbos to just unplug the vgt and swap in a fixed turbo, and there would be no codes. That's tuned of course. Haven't tuned the truck yet because of warranty.
Draconian Diesel

once you decide to get a mini maxx you can get a tune from Draconian called the "5.9" and it will lock your turbo vanes to act more like a fixed turbo :thumbsup:
I have a mini maxx... How do I contact draconian to get this tune?
5.9 tune

PM rrich2011, RaptorHauler, or davemathews or [email protected] 806-223-9472

if you click on Draconian Diesel in vendor section there is a thread to learn more about it
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