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FIXED: 2014 3500 MT No Crank No Start

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My 2014 Ram is acting a little weird, it will randomly no crank no start which has move more into all the time. It appears the ECM/PCM is loosing connection to multiple modules. I am trying to not just throw parts at it. This is what I am seeing on my Autel MS906 but granted this is the first time I have used it so I am not really seasoned with all I can do with it. But here is where I will start.

The truck cranks fine, if I jump the starter relay it cranks right over. The sense voltage for the relay to trigger it to kick the starter over though is only receiving 4VDC with the key turned trying to start. I am wondering if the ECU or the TIPM is bad but I dont wanna just throw parts at it and expensive parts at that.

So here is what I am seeing in each module.

PCM (Powertrain control module) 2 Faults
U113E Stored Lost Com with Intelligent Battery Sensor (I am pretty sure this is bad and needs replaced but shouldnt cause all these issues.)
U010CPending Lost Com with Turbo Control Module

DTCM (DriveTrain control Module) 1 Fault
U0100 Stored Lost Com with ECM/PCM

ABS (Anti Lock Brakes) 3 Fault (No issue witht he trucks brakes)
U010000 Stored Lost Com with ECM/PCM
U010200 Stored Lost Com with TC Control Module/4wd
C211B92 Stored Ignition run/start preformance incorrect operation

IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster) 3 Fault
U10000 Stored Lost Com with ECM/PCM
U013700 Stored Lost Com with Trailer Brake Control module
U011400 Stored Lost Com with Final Drive Control module

U01000 Stored Lost Com with ECM/PCM

SCCM Steering Column Control Module
U01000 Stored Lost Come with ECM/PCM

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also my ECU is "unlocked' with a bullydog tuner for the early EFI Live tunes...I am guessing I will have to redo all that if I end up need to replace the ECM?

All gauges and temps operate and read correctly.
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