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fit weld 16.5x12"s on 3rd gen?

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because they're wide, I'm guessing 4 5/8" backspace maybe... figure they'd clear the brakes with 2" adapters.. I used adapters on my titan to clear 16.5x14"s in fact, I had 15.5" wide TSL/SXs on that and they were SICK for mud and sand... hoping maybe 33x14 boggers on the 12"s on the meggercab LOL. haven't seen one locally but I would imagine it would make sand runs easier or mud... thinking real wheels in 16x20" would be better with wider boggers but I can't afford a 20" lift nor the tickets that would come with being that wide LOL just seeing if anyone put 16.5" welds on a 3rd gen on here really. I just am not sure what all it would take.. found a set of typhoons for $500 just need to get me some tires after that :D if I can get a set from 4wheel parts I'll be in there!
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I don't think they'll clear, and spacers are never a good idea.
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