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Fisher Plow Mount For 14' 2500

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Does anyone have a fisher plow mounted on their 14' 2500? Pictures? Need to make sure available before pulling trigger!
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Had a Fisher Minute Mount 2 w/8' HD blade installed today on my '13 3500. Your '14 2500 should be the same frame.
Hey HDXBONES , how much space is between the headgear of your plow and the front if your truck?? The reason I ask is because I finally hooked the plow to my truck and I have a foot of space between them which makes the plow hang way out in front of the truck, looks totally ridiculous. Western engineers really screwed the pooch on this one, looks like I'm going to be looking for a good fabricator to rework my plow mount.

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I'll measure it up and post some pics tomorrow, it was almost dark when I got home today. It doesnt seem to project any further than my previous Fishers have. I'm not happy with the way the installer cut the air dam out, it leaves the lower radiator completely exposed. I have to stop back at the plow dealer tomorrow to pick up the cutoff parts. They felt it would have interfered with the plow frame movement. I'll see if I can fab something up with the cutoffs.
HDXBONES, I was wondering what the mount looks like and how much of the air dam needs to be cut! Any pictures?
HDXBONES, I was wondering what the mount looks like and how much of the air dam needs to be cut! Any pictures?
I'll post some later today
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Here's a few, I can take more over the weekend if you would like-

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Thanks HDXBONES. Looks great. I was planning on buying a spare chin spoiler cut minimally around the horns for summer like I do for my 08!
Beautiful truck HDXBONES your plow looks way better than my western, if I could figure out how to post pics on this site I would post them for a good laugh ( western engineers really dropped the ball on my mount. Gray ghost your probably not going to be able to do anything but remove your lower valance altogether, I have a western ultramount and I was able to notch my valance but I had to cut ALOT. My mount is much smaller than a fisher mount.

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