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Things I'd like to share about my first oil change. 1) Truck has 3850 miles 2) Yes, the oil was black, but I've seen worse.3) I was going to always check it once and see if I was getting the diesel in the crankcase and I always forgot. I checked it after it had been running for a little bit while I pulled it in the shop and it was right in the middle of safe, so must not have been to much fuel in thier if any. 4) The cracking of the valve on the fuel filter, and turning the key on works great. But I found out that 10 to 15 seconds with the key on is enough to fill a 20 oz. pop bottle, and make a huge mess under your truck. 5) Make sure you work out at the gym for a while before you service your truck. You will need every muscle in your body to get the oil filter off. 6) And finally. While I was messing with stuff, I reached in the intake tube and pulled out the baffle. Seemed so easy, that I thought I would try it. I didn't realize when I was reading other post that you can just put it right back in if you need to. I don't know for sure what, if anything this poor man's mod does, but I'm now without the baffle.
This post is sort of meant to be funny. It all did kind of suck, but it was the first time, and I'm sure it will go better next time.

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Pulling the air baffle out will help in hearing the VGT spool out, as well as get the air quicker. Its a freebie and if you want a little more help along the same lines here, you can run the 5.9 filter which is less restrictive. Your truck be stock, I am not so sure you can run the 5.9 filter and get good regen burns to clean up the DPF... Someone else may know and have done this, I never ran the 5.9 filter while I had the DPF all in place.

Yeap the key on and the 20oz pop bottle I am sure was a bit nasty LOL... It will get better as you get use to how you end up doing this and want be such a mess, that or you may end up with a giant body size condom to wear so as you can just get down and dirty with it all LOL... See, I am trying to help you make light of all this:)

Now as for the oil with the stock setup, if you ever run the truck for the 7500 miles or close, at least to the point the OHC goes off and teels you its time to change the oil, then you will see your nice and really bad nasty oil dude... You will be looking in your manual to read how to reset your OHC also LOL... Hopefully with somewhat cleaner hands after the oil change :)

Dang sure don't get the 5.9 oil filter either, this way you can use the filter wrench to help loosen the filter from the end of the filter and the use of a long socket extension. I bought one of the filter wrenches or actually a socket if you will, that fits on the end of the 6.7 filter where the wrench flats are. That and the long extension made all the difference for me anyway. All this and a good sized rachet will save you some of the extra time at the gym LOL...

By the way, I just put my first oil change filter on and hand tight, later I saw it was leaking a little dripping all over the underside of what was my new truck then Grrrrr!!! Mine needed and continues to need to be more than just hand tight. I saw my filter was leaking just this past week while under my truck checking things over. Its getting changed this weekend anyway, so I will clean it all up after I finish changing the oil.

Guess my oil not being even half as nasty and thick now that I don't run the EGR, I will need to snug up the filter a little more LOL... Have a good weekend dude!!!
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