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Delphi/Lucas POD Injectors
Cummins Part #3802335 Recon#3802335RX
Delphi Part# 6760524

Specs For the POD Injectors:
Supplier # LJC6760524
Cummins Nozzle # 3919316
Supplier Nozzle # 6801127
Nozzle Opening Pressure (Bar) 260
6 Cylinder CPL # 940
Tip Diameter = 7
PDC Kit 3802335

These injectors were used for Engine CPL 940 which is classified as turbocharged yard trucks.

Throttle Bellcrank Bushings
These are the replacement bushings for the throttle bellcrank. If your bellcrank has alot of play, these will fix the problem.
Dodge Part# 4425053 - You will need two.

VE Gasket/Seal Kit
Part # DGK121 (Bosch) Vacumn/Power Steering Pump Oil Seal Kit
Cummins Part # 4089842

Upgraded Cummins Piston Transfer Pump Kit to replace diapraghm pump (piston type is used on P7100 systems, however, psi is lower to accomadate the VE pump

Cummins Part # 3936320 lift pump (qty 1) (this number has been superceeded)
# 3914753 Fuel Line (qty 1)
# 3931348 Gasket (qty 2)
# 3914284 Spacer (qty1)
# 3918191 Seals (qty 2)

Lift pump block off plate This is installed where the mechanical lift pump would go if you were upgrading to an electronic pump and needed to block the mechanical lift pump hole.

Cummins Part # 3863441

gear cover gasket- 3914385
front crank seal kit 3904353
oil pan gasket- 3959052
suction tube gasket 3938157
rear crank seal kit 3934486

Getrag Rear Seal For 2wd (all year models)
Chicago Rawhide Part # 19762

Throttle Linkage Rod & Ends
Cummins part# 4089076. This includes the rod, the 2 nuts, 2 steel ends and the new ball that the one snaps on.

Fuel Shutoff Solenoid
36.00 from
Valley Wagon
Carson City NV
Phone Number 775-882-2350

Oil Psi Sender
Cummins Part# 3923200

VE Pump Breakover Spring

3200 RPM Gov Spring
(The 366 is the 3200 RPM spring, the 354 is the 4200 RPM spring and the 374 is the 3800 RPM spring.)

Belt Tensioner
Cummins Part# 3935819

Spicer U-Joints

Updated Thermostat for 89-93 models
Cummins Part# 3802273

Moog Front Springs for D350
Heavy Duty 7226
Super Heavy Duty 7226S

Moog Front End Parts for 92 D350 (possibly will work for 91-93)

1. K7055 Idler Arm
2. K7082 Upper Ball Joint
3. K7053T Lower B/J
4. K7079 Strut Rod Bushing kit
5. K7192 Lower CTRL Arm bush.
6. K7104 Upper CTRL Arm bush.
7. DS1173 Drag/Center link
8. ES3123L Inner Tie Rods
9. ES3122R Outer Tie Rods
10. ES3124s Adjusting Sleeves
11. K7226 Frnt HD Coil Sprgs $80.00 for the pair.

Speedometer Sensor
Napa Part# VSS100

Updated Flex Plate
This is the part number for a 95 model. This is a direct bolt on for the 1st gens and should be used in place of the old part number for added durability especially on modified trucks.

Chrysler Part # 5015709 Price $295.00
Cummins Part #3946161 Price $ 94.22

Carter Electronic Lift Pump (replaces stock unit)
block off plate for old pump is needed. plate for a 350 Chevrolet engine can be used.
Carter Universal Rotary Vane Electric Fuel Pumps: CRT-P4600HP -

Intake Heater Relay (Discontinued thru Dodge but available thru Grainger and Misc other electrical suppliers) White-Rogers Relay Part #120-105111-1 with a coil of 12V DC cont. 9370. Stancor Relay Part #120-901

Upgraded OEM Fan and Fan Clutch
Dodge has issued an updated Fan which has more twist on the blades and is lighter. If you plan on upgrading your fan clutch, I strongly suggest you also upgrade to this new fan. Again, this is an OEM component from MOPAR.

Fan- 52026653
Clutch module- 52028760

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Parts list

Hey, is this a list of all of the stuff that you've done to your truck? Also, do I need to do a secondary fuel pump behind the new piston pump and if so which one? Thanks, Heath

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I've done a lot of them and the others are just items I've found in different locations that might be of some help to some of you members.

As far as needing more fuel, the question is how much power are you planning on? I put in some B.A.(big a**) injectors and pulled the piston lift pump pressure down to about 4 psi so I'm planning on adding a "booster pump" like a Walbro or FASS to keep the pressure up in the 12-15 psi range.
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