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first diesel

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hey guys I just baught my first diesel its a 2006 dodge 2500 mega cab has 5" skyjacker lift, 35s and 20s, banks intake and exhaust no programmer, 112k miles, and an auto i'm thinking about doing efi live the pickup is basically stock as far as I know never had injector or hg work, supposely "tranny was rebuilt at 80k" no paper work i'm not looking for 500 hp just good mileage and some towing and when i'm driving down the road and some high a$$ is trying to race me I have good power is efi live what i'm looking for or more so an mp8 by ts performance all input is appreciated thanks
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Yes get EFI live. Since you want to keep your truck mild I would go with an Autocal with tunes loaded by a reputable tuner and you will be goood to go. Going with the autocal will save you a few hundred bucks as well
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