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I've had a 2nd Generation Dodge (Gas) pickup that I bought new in '95, but am no stranger to Diesels, as I have been running a small Nissan Diesel in an International Scout since '87. Also have a Diesel Skid Loader, love its power and torque.

Just recently purchased a '97 3500 5-Spd 2WD Dually with plenty of mods, and hope to be able to use it for work and some long-distance trailer-pulling.
Not sure what's all been done to it, especially if the KDP has been done, but there's lots of intake and exhaust mods, with extra instrumentation.
(Boost, Pyro, Fuel Pressure, RA Temp.)
That would suggest that the KDP fix has been done to it.
Hope to take delivery Friday, not sure what to expect. It's a clean truck with plenty of miles. Looks like it's been well taken care of.

Hopefully, I'm in for a pleasant experience.
Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions.

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