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I've come across a few questions regarding the Firestone model # 2299 kit for the Cummins throughout the forum and figured I would write up a simple FAQ to keep many of these questions in one thread.

So here we have it..

Firestone Kit 2299 FAQ's:

Q: Will this kit work with a B&W Gooseneck Hitch?
A: Yes, the kit's upper brackets bolt into the inside of the vehicle's frame while the gooseneck hitch uses the outside of the frame to mount.

Q: Will this kit work with my lifted truck?
A: Yes, however additional hardware does become required to make up for the space between the axle and the frame. Depending on how much of a lift you have on your vehicle will determine which lift spacers you would want to choose.

2 inch lift spacers : Firestone 2 Lift Spacers (Axle & Leaf Mount) - 2366 | $67.75

3 inch lift spacers : Firestone 3 Lift Spacers (Axle Mount) - 2368 | $80.35

4 inch lift spacers : Firestone 4 Lift Spacers (Axle Mount) - 2371 | $83.46

5 inch lift spacers : Firestone 5" Lift Spacers (Axle Mount) - 2373 | $89.55

6 inch lift spacers : Firestone 6 Lift Spacers (Axle Mount) - 2375 | $91.83

Q: My 3500 is a dually will this kit still work with my vehicle?
A: Yes, this kit is designed to work with both the single rear wheel and dual rear wheel applications.

Q: I do not want to drill holes into my vehicle's frame does this kit require drilling?
A: No, this kit does not require drilling, the brackets are designed to bolt into pre-existing holes in the factory frame.

Q: The rear end of my vehicle sags quite a bit how much additional load support will this kit give me?
A: This kit is designed to give an additional load capacity of up to 5,000 lbs. ontop of what your leaf springs are rated for.

Q: Does Firestone offer any warranties on their airbag products?
A: Firestone does warranty their airbag products, all kits come with a lifetime replacement warranty on the airbags themselves.

Q: How long will installation take me?
A: Typically installation time is between 3-4 hours depending on the experience of the installer.

Q: I am fairly new to airbag installation, are instructions provided with the kit?
A: Yes, all Firestone products come with installation manuals included. If by chance you do not receieve an installation manual you can find it here :

as well as a generic video of an airbag installation here :

Firestone 2299 Ride-Rite Air Bags - Dodge Ram 2500, 3500 (2003-2012) | $337.76

Q: I've never installed airbags how difficult will this be?
A: Installation is fairly simple however it can be time consuming with most installers looking at anywhere between 3-4 hours for installation.

These seem to be most of the common questions asked pertaining this kit.
If you guys come across any other questions that need to be answered, feel free to leave them here and I will get them added and answered. :thumbsup:


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I have a set of these on my 2012.. they are super easy to install and went right in with my B&W turnoverball
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