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We are hosting our annual Dirt Drag & Dyno Event on Labor Day Sept 1st and we welcome all of you to come join in the festivities! We are also having a cookout at the Firepunk Shop on Sunday evening starting at 6pm, we'll be making personal pizza's in a wood-fired oven and Brandon is smoking wings.

Toops Performance is bringing there dual Eddy brake dyno out. $80 for 3 pulls, Winner gets Trophy. Firepunk will pay the entree fee back to anyone who puts down over 1000HP!

Diesel World is covering the event and we have a great list of Sponsors that will be in attendance. Diesel Performance Converters, ATS, TCS Canada, Exergy, Midgets Diesel, Airdog, BD Diesel, Hardway Performance, Napa Auto Parts are supporting vendors and we thank them for helping out!

Hotels are 15 minutes from the shop and 5 minutes from the track in Marysville OH.

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