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:party018: I have been a long time lurker of this forum and got a lot of great information from it. It is an awesome site. After reading many, many posts, I finally put a deposit down. Getting a 2012 3500 SLT crew cab dually. Buying it from Dave Smith in Idaho. Local dealer in Carson City couldn't come close, it was like they didn't want to make a deal. Driving up Thursday night and picking it up Friday.
So far they have been great to deal with, even threw in a spray in bed liner
Grab a plane ticket, fly into Spokane, they will shuttle you and even buy your plane ticket. Its what I did. Just let them know you want it all ready to drive when you get there. My only gripe was I had to wait 4 hours before my rig was ready to drive. They fed me lunch via a BBQ that ran all day Saturday.

[edit]. never mind, I see you are doing a trade in, explains the drive in.
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