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After years of wanting one, I finally got a 2016 Ram 3500 CC with the 6.7 Cummins. Been waiting for years to get my money's worth out of the previous truck and finally felt like it was time after reading positive reports about the 2013+ improvements.

So far it is awesome... only a few hundred miles in it, but I already know I'm never getting another gas truck. I've gotten about 22 MPG on the highway so far which is a nice improvement over the 12 or so my old gas truck was getting, and I *love* the exhaust brake.

I just got a pretty basic Tradesman model because I find it hard to justify the price tag of the higher trim levels. I think I'll be able to make additions to it using the ~$8k - 10k that I saved by not getting the higher trim levels. It seems like the cluster and radio can be upgraded, and those are pretty much the only things I would have wanted from the other trims anyway.

I plan to keep this truck forever.
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