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finally got on the rollers

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i finally got on the rollers yesterday. i did 9 runs and i hit my goal. i did 601hp and 1341tq. i am happy with the numbers.:party018::party018::party018:
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Dang looks I need to copy your setup. You did about 50 hp better than me on with fuel only.
Must be nice to say you have 600 hp! How much does that 14 cm housing cost?
nice congrats how much boost were you making? and what size/brand injectors?
the 14cm housings are pricey. i got it used but it is still more than the hx35 is probably worth. i had a boost leak but was still makin about 45-50psi. i usually hit 55-60psi on the street. the injectors are 200s.
Nice man glad to high numbers one day I'll get there
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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