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finally got on the rollers

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i finally got on the rollers yesterday. i did 9 runs and i hit my goal. i did 601hp and 1341tq. i am happy with the numbers.:party018::party018::party018:
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list your mods please.
yea list mods
Sweet! Got any vids?
hx35 w/14cm tubine over ht3b, 200s, studs, srpings, SO vp44, edge juice, water meth, and all other supporting mods
i will post some pics and vids later in the day or this evening
MAN! good numbers :thumbsup:

that sovp and water/meth realy put you over the top.

what mixture were you running?
i did 570 on fuel and then sprayed to get 601. in stock form i did 362 and then with water meth stock i did 464. i ran a 50/50 mix.
Good numbers!
thanks 01evan
nice numbers.. congrats!
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thanks guys, i am going to sell these twins and go bigger and p pump it and shoot for 750-800hp and 1600+tq
Congratulations Nick!!!

I can't help but to think you will sleep better at night:thumbsup: You have been after 600HP for some time.

surprising to see nearly 100HP from the water/meth.
yeah in the lower levels it really seemed to help. overall i am very happy.
Good Job, Nick!
thanks carl for the great work that you did for me. without you and jacob this wouldnt have been possible.
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Nice numbers bud! Let's hope I can make some similar ones in a couple months.
good numbers.....
sweet numbers NIck!! need to hit you up !
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