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I finally got around to installing my converter from GUS!

I am very pleased with it. With my shot factory converter you would almost sear the truck had a CVT in it. It would rev up to about 2000 or so depending on where our right foot was, and hold that exact rpm until you goto your speed. NOW! I can tell I have gears, it gets up to speed quicker and with less effort, AND the engine has a different note to it.

I bought the standard single. My truck puts down almost 400hp, but I don't abuse it often. We will see how long she holds!

On a side note, I will never drop the trans in my truck again. All hell broke loose when we pulled the dipstick out and it started puking fluid all over the floor, then it rained, and it rained to much there was 1/8-1/4" of water on the garage floor. It was horrible to lay in that mess and work. Because of the nasty mess, we added alot of extra hours to the job. Next time around it's on the lift.

Speaking of which, I wonder if i can still return the old one for core credit? I bought it in late March.
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