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FINALLY got a Dodge diesel

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Hey all. Can't say I haven't driven a diesel before but I finally got my OWN Dodge 12 valve (1996). I didn't NEED it, but some really terrible things have happened to me and the memories of my other truck were just... I just needed to drive something else so I wasn't slapped in the face with memories that made me emotional. So I found a decent deal on a decent dodge diesel. I've driven lots of diesels, mostly fords though. But being a 3rd generation logger/ equipment operator I have been around them my whole life. I am no expert by any means but I could confidently tackle any fixing with the exception of a Auto trans build.

I already did the BHAF upgrade. Btw, I have a GREAT tip for everyone to get about half off the price of ALL filters if you buy them at NAPA. No its not gimmick but you do have to have a certain card and you can't put them on a Charge account. You have to pay for them with cash or credit at time of purchase. Its awesome. Its a HEAVY DUTY PREFERED CUSTOMER CARD.

if there are any other NW guys here say hi. Or Seahawk fans or Haters say hi.
11-1.... GO HAWKS
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Congrats, I remember the pain of wanting one but not being able to get one. Can't help but smile when I see both of mine.

10-2, see you in the big show.
Hate the Broncos (not the truck) but think manning is awesome
I have been wanting one for a long time. my dad has an 05 2500 and I loved getting up in the morning hooking up the boat for a day on the bay. he had a 90s model when I was a kid. lots of good memories in those trucks. im in college right now. I have 3 kids so it seems like I will never get one but you just keep scratching at it right any way congrats man hope shes every thing you wanted
Thanks Justin.Ledbetter

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