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So far the pump works great. My truck just runs better let alone the power gains it received. I have yet to see how it is doing on economy, but everything just seems more efficient. Install was relatively painless, I did drop my tank to run their head unit even though I have a sump ( my fittings weren't large enough to receive 1/2 inch lines). The wiring harness is extra extra long, I cut it down to keep the rats nest to a minimum. Wiring it up was easy. Priming was simple. I am not too crazy about push-lok hose but it does make the install a breeze. The adjustable bracket is awesome (bolts to the bed), I loved not having to put more holes in my frame or strapping anything to it. Being able to buy other filters is super convenient.

Prosinstallation directions parts
Consmore hose, too much wire
Would you recommend?yes
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