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FASS filter problem

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Anyone else have a problem with the FASS filters not seating all the way??? I put one on the other day and it bottomed out on the nut the filter screws onto! It would only allow me to get 1/4 turn after the o-ring touched the pump housing. It's not leaking, but it's not on tight enough to stay put I'm afraid it will fall off at some point.:surprise:
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Are you using the Fass filters? I use wix filters but never had a problem. I think that threaded nut can unthread from the filter housing, did you make sure it didn’t come unthreaded when you spun the old filter off
I didn't check that...That would cause what I'm experiencing for sure! but, I also noticed the Cat filters have a cast threaded piece in their filters that is flat and gives more room to screw on. But I should not be having this issue. I called FASS and they had no idea, so it must be something I did wrong...:frown2:
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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