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Fass Ddrp

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Wheres the fastest/cheapest place to buy the FASS DDRP
1 - 8 of 8 Posts but if you plan on doing anything to your truck it will not support it. not even a 60 horse chip.
i gotta 02 dodge with the edge drag box and that fast ddrp pushing it better than anything else ive had on it. and if you wantin one. i got mine at advanced auto parts for $242.57 witha 4 year warranty.
Got mine from Bluechip Diesel. Maybe not the cheapest (at $256), but Chip is a great guy to deal with.

- djb
ive got a drag comp and stacked a smarty and it still pushed me pleanty fuel
good to here everyone has tried to get me to but a air dog or a better fass but i dont have the money and i dont have that many mods! do you guys have big lines or just stock with the ddrp?
They should be the same price from any of us dealers or you dont have a warranty. It is a great pump for mild upgrades only, wont support heavy fueling mods :thumbsup:
dodgetank98 said: you guys have big lines or just stock with the ddrp?
I just typed a similar response twice, in two other 'bout you go read one of them?

- djb
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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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