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I would definately get the remote kit for it. THIS GUY has a ddrp in stock location and sees an ELEVEN PSI drop! Also a fuel pressure gauge is a MUST.

If you relocate the pump it will last a lot longer, eliminate some of the stock restrictions in the fuel system, and just all around kick for a stock truck. A fuel pressure gauge is the only way to tell if your new pump even works. Theyre cheap on ebay. Get a glowshift gauge and a steering column pod if you want to be cheap. I suggest vulcan performace for the stuff. Theyre very helpful and can help you get what you NEED, not what they wanna sell you. If ya got the coin Id also suggest the big line kit between the filter and the injection pump. Speaking of injection pump, if youre getting fuel related codes on a new to you truck, keep an eye on that injection pump. They all seem to fail for their new owners. :thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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