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48re Tranny Slip ?

I have a 05 auto crew cab 4x4 3:73 and pull a 4horse trailer with living quarters about 9000lbs have a Bully Triple Dog down loader set at tow/economy 50-70 hp, on a long pull truck will start to shutter and RPM's start to climb. Dealer has re flashed trans for upgrade helped a little. So is 50 to 70 hp over stock enough to make a stock trans slip. I have 1800 miles left on warranty so I need to try to handle this soon. Any help would be appreciated thanks
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Yeah much HP over stock on an auto trans can cause problems possibly. Depends on how hard you have been pulling trailers and driving it and how you put your foot into it :thud:.
IS it the trans or the tc? Your pulling13,000 to16,000 with horses and tack?Long pulls is it up mountian or distance!
Your truck will shutter if it starves for fuel as well.
clear all codes and removed programmer take it in and get them to look at the tranny and see what they can do or just spend the money and get a good performance tow tranny and you can build the ultament tow rig
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