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Fan Speed Switch Problem

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I have an "08 2500 with a Cummins. My fan speed switch in the cab has a dead position on it. It will blow in the first two positions, is dead in the third then will blow on high. Anyone ever replaced one of these switches? Is it just mounted in the dash or is it soldered into a circuit board?

Thanks for any help,
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Had to change the same switch in my 07.5. But it was under warranty. It is not just the speed switch that gets changed it is a one piece unit with all three switches in it. .Unplug, remove four or six Philip head screws and swap the new one in.
Is it the switch?

On Toyotas (I know, not a Dodge, but I never dealt with one on a Dodge) there is a resistor coil pack on the inside of the firewall, position 1 on the switch goes to the highest resistor, two to the second highest, 3 to the lowest, and 4 to a direct contact. Maybe you have a resistor pack with a burnt/broken coil?

We would need a wiring schematic to figure that one out.
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