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Fan clutch is out now what!!!!!!

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My ac stopped working today so to the shop it went fast and they told me that the fan clutch is not work right. once he cooled it down the ac started working better that it has in a while. so is there a after market one out there??????????????????? I live in hot a$s south Texas and need it bad:banghead:
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Flex-a-lite makes an electric setup.
No aftermarket fan clutches available; only from the manufacturer. Just replaced mine a few weeks ago. A local independent shop did it. Cost of replacement, including labor, was about $500. I dd notice one offered on Ebay, from a dealer, for about $240. Good luck.
PM me or email me your ENGINE Serial # and I'll give you a discounted quote on a new OEM part.

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Get a Flex-a-Lite Kit. :thumbsup:
what's all involved in putting one of the flex lite on?? For as wiring goes do you uses the factory wires and if not how do you stop from getting codes?

Are you talking about a electric unit are the straight fan from flex lite??
Electric Fan clutch

Is this the same fan clutch that is electrically operated? When I bought my 04 HO the previous owner had taken it to get fixed and the shop had replaced the Fan and Fan clutch, same deal about $500. When I bought the truck 2 months later the clutch fan was disconnected, wires ripped in two and a big chunk out of one of the blades. After repairing it back to stock, by soldering the wires and bending the bracket back it works ok and stopped throwing codes.
Although the fan moves a lot of air, a wired connection to a rotating fan clutch seems like a recipe for a repeat performance. What if the motor moves under hard acceleration or aging of the motor mounts? The dodge dealer claims to have fixed a few of them by cable tieing the wires to the radiator, who wants to replace a $250 radiator because of a fan clutch failure?

I would like to find a simple thermal fan clutch alternative that will bolt right up? Any suggestions for a permanant fix would be appreciated.
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