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Factory Trans cooler Damaged Looking for Better Replacement

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I Reciently noticed my Factory Trans cooler is Damaged lines partillay piched and 25-40% of fins bent folded over. I would put a Dodge one on again and add an aux cooler down the road but Dodge wants $472.50 CND for just the cooler, and If there is a better option I am open to suggestion. I want to stay with the factory location but understand I would have to figure out mounting for an aftermarket cooler. I am Looking for a Good quality High flow/Heat capicity cooler to replace my Existing damaged Cooler. I'm planning on a minium of 480hp and 1000TQ so I am going to need a really good cooler. When I finally buy my new Goerend Transmission I want to make sure it is being cooled properly. I want to try to and pick a cooler that will be large enough I don't have to add an aux cooler/fan setup to the frame. So far I have looked into TCI, Flex-a-lite, B&M, Perma Cool, BD and I am going to call Derale. I am willing to go way over kill but space might be the limiting factor. I am also willing to use a cooler/fan combo but again wondering about size limitations of mounting any of the ones avaliable in front of the rad. I will be putting a 62mm turbo so I want to make sure I have enough cooling for towing duties as well. Anyone's thoughts or Experinces with a current setup that is working properly please let me know.

Thanks for your Time