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Why stack at all, I have ran an EZ on my truck for years and just got a smarty, the smarty does timing, rail pressure, boost fooler. I have heard of people stacking, but whats the point? I was gonna try it before I sell my EZ just to see what the deal is but I really dont see the point in it.
I've kind of been stumped by this exact question. Now that Smarty does Rail Pressure, why the need to stack a pressure box?

I mean, obviously you don't HAVE to stack a pressure box with it, but it seems like most people still prefer to stack some sort of pressure box, even with the addition of selectable rail pressure with the Smarty.

Anyone have some good hard data to explain why it's better to use a dedicated pressure box vs. using the Smarty to adjust rail pressure?
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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