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I'm running it, and I like it. The price is defintely right.

You will need a welder though, for a clean install. I cut the tab off of the factoy tailpipe and welded it to the new one, allowing me to use the factory hanger. The clamp on the downpipe catches the factory hanger up front. You could run it like that (I did for a few weeks) but it really needs a hanger in the muffler area. This is both to cut down on resonation, and to keep it from shaking and contacting the crossmember or transfer case. I used the factory hanger at the frame end and fabricated the rest out of 3/8" round stock (rebar would work as well.)

I'm a welder by trade, so the little extra fab work was well worth the money I saved over a stan's system or a custom system.

On a side note, If you run the 3-4" downpipe that comes with it, you can puff smoke rings:headbang:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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