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Ok so I totally screwed up by not paying attention and smashed 2 pieces of exhaust pipe.:banghead: It is 5" stainless from diamond eye. I need the 1st piece of tailpipe and an intermediate piece. Any ideas where I can get these??????
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How smashed are they? Can they be fixed.

I would start by calling them direct and asking for replacement parts.
No they can't be fixed...hoping for other option than dealer direct. The hours I work are insane and typically they're closec before I can call
Any chance you have the install instructions laying around? They would have the part numbers of all the pipes...or just have an exhaust shop that can deal with 5 inch pipe(not too many can) make two new pieces for you
I searched for the parts using the part numbers...nothing on the website. Going to use 'ol
Summit racing has the individual pieces. They're who I went through when my 93 tore up a front driveshaft, and smacked everything around it up
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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