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Exhaust sound

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I'm deleted tbe and just put my s&b on. Truck sounds better but I still have a sputter type of sound from the exhaust. I have seen some of Dave's tunes and they sound great but I'm deleted w smarty jr. Any suggestions on how I can get a more throaty sound?

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Do you have full turbo back exhaust or just a delete pipe?
Yup. Straight back from turbo. I've heard some really good sounding trucks just don't know what they r doing to get that throaty sound.

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You may have seen the video with the 5.9 tune.....maybe?
5" exhaust is more throaty.
I am running an aero turbine 5" resonator, (5050xl) and it got rid of the hair dryer sound!! A straight pipe sounds better, but has the "airy" sound and the drone killed me.

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5" turbo back to a 7" tip...
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