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Exhaust pros n cons

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Anybody got any actual before and after results gains losses best choice etc
I'm trying to compare systems to fit into an ongoing project
3 inch with mufflers
3 inch straight
4 inch with mufflers
4 inch without mufflers
All from turbo back


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I have been running a cobbled together OEM 3" system for almost 9 years now. My truck is only slight turned up and I have had no issues with the 3" system....BUT when I do replace it I will be going with the 4" system with a flow through muffler. Straight pipe is fun for a few months then the drone just started to wear on me....couldn't be happier with the flow through muffler added to keep things a tad quieter.

So if I were you I would do the 4" with a muffler and call it done. the cost saving between the 3" vs 4" is negligible and the 4" is pretty much the go to replacement for everyone.....not a bragging rights thing. Plus the 4" system will give you room to grow down the road if you do change your mind about how much power you want. ;) "D
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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