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Exhaust pros n cons

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Anybody got any actual before and after results gains losses best choice etc
I'm trying to compare systems to fit into an ongoing project
3 inch with mufflers
3 inch straight
4 inch with mufflers
4 inch without mufflers
All from turbo back


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Thanks . Well I'm thinking it's not even needed untill either towing really heavy or / and a certain power level is reached that is probably rarely used in the real world I'm just trying to confirm
Either way. If it's only noise gained I'm
Not interested.
Highway only towing daily driver VE manual stick and stock might tune the pump a little might IF needed change out the turbo from the wh1c
The point is I have no system at all but will need to build one so I don't want to do it twice or anything simply for over compensating bragging rights 😉
Ok thanks all. I think il see what's in
My parts pile on the smaller side also depends on what exhaust brake I use too.
So how much and where are the best deals on these flow through mufflers and do they shut it up enough? I think I have like a stock 07 muffler here somewhere I might be able to use
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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