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exhaust, pressure box

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hello, was wondering if some could give me a few ideas. first i have been looking at putting a muffler upgrade in my stock system the kit is from afe it would be going on a 03 qc Lb my stock system has no cat already so would I notice this upgrade or should i hold off and get a 4'' tbe. the problem is there are so many to chose from and i don't want something that is real loud in the cab do to wife and daughter. I just was giving a airaid jr kit untill i decide what to do for a intake looking at afe or sb there. I use my truck mianly for towing if that helps, i tow trailers up to about 11000 lb. i was looking at getting either the power puck or the edge ez any info and all opions would be great thanks everyone sorry its so long i am new to this:lol3:
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Upgrading the muffler will be a good step, but upgrading the 3 1/2'' down pipe to 4'' would be a good move too. So a 4'' TBE kit is probably your best bet, but as far as muffler choices, I cannot help.
As for the Edge EZ, I like it as a stack, but for about the same money, the Smarty JR would be worth looking into IMO.

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