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Exhaust brake info

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I posted a month about about getting an exhaust brake and was told that my 06 was already setup for a E brake and that I didnt have to get heavier exhaust springs. Does anyone have actual literature that says that. nothing personal but I would feel alot better if i could read somthing from either Cummins or Jacobs that says its ok. I called cummins but the guy I talked to was very much help. Next thing I am going to do is see if I can talk to someone at Jacobs but I get the feeling since I am a small fish in big pond im not going to get much info from them either. so I could really use as much info and I can get. Thanks. I will try to post a pic of the e brake.
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Since it can be a factory installed option is that good enough? Check out the cummins website or the dodge. They both have information on the Jacobs version for the 06/07 5.9. No mention of heavier exhaust springs needed
you can download the install manual at jacobs website you do not need different valve springs
... but you should consider a Pac Brake instead of the Jacobs.
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