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Evolution ?

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I just picked up a 2006 and im installing an edge evolution my question is after install and tune set can the CTS be unplugged and monitor be removed and truck still run on the last tune set, or do you have to go back to stock then unplug. Im asking because im putting truck in the shop for a front end alignment and dont want them playing with it or it get stolen. Thanks for your help
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Pretty sure you can take it off. Never tried tho so I could be wrong.

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I tried it no problems thanks
Ive found no ill effect when ive done that. I used to have that progressive snapshot thing in my OBD port so i was always swapping them around. The only thing that i have found out that doesnt stay is the High Idle. Anytime i change tunes or unplug the Evolution for any reason, I have to re-enable manual high-idle. Kinda annoying but tolerable.
Thanks for the help
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