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Everything off road

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Has anyone been to this store? I've been calling them today and there's no answer and they haven't been returning calls? There's a store off of the 101 (west side) south of Northern on ST.
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Everything offroad

I have purchased numerous parts for my Yamaha Rhino. I was just there beginning of June. They had a store only sale. 50% off. As far as I know they are still around. They seem to be a pretty solid company. They do a lot of OHV aftermarket stuff.
Hmm, maybe they are closed on mondays even though their message says that they are open? Thanks.
FYI: Caught up with them today at the shop as they were moving out. I guess the rent is too high so they're moving residential but stuff will still be available from their E-bay store/listings. Got a great deal on an Edge EZ pgmr.
You will like it its a nice presure box that is smooth.. i like mine and probably end up stacking after i get a clutch with the smarty for timing and good topend power.. ive herd that was a good stack..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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