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Erratic idle

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Sometimes, not always, when my truck is idling wether its 10* or 100* outside the rpms jump 100rpm to 120rpm for a second then return to normal. this was happening before I did my mods (listed below) and after. If I'm at a light and I don't have a good amount of pressure on the pedal it'll jump forward. Any ideas?
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I just had the same problem...changing FCA valve fixed my problem..(ordered Arson fuel pump mod which included the FCA valve)....runs better than it ever has now.
Fuel Control's located on the back of the injector pump...will have a plug with a wiring harness attached....easy to change..just be sure the area is CLEAN before removing and replacing. Here's a cheaper than Dodge Dealeership source for this part Welcome to HOESLIDIESEL.COM
Holy CRAP!
You need to get 6 new NGK spark plugs in a hurry before you wash a cylinder because of it not fireing.

Autozone carries them. Get the 13/16 plugs though....not the 5/8:)
Sorry you chose to flame my post rather than offer constructive advice...I'm not a diesel expert ...was just offering my own personal experience with this problem...and trying to help the guy out.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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