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July/August time frame, I was contacted via text about buying a new CH from them (I belive it was Glenn). I called back to confirm the price, and spoke with Glenn directly. I only state it was Glenn, as I did not write down who I spoke with, and Chris does not recall ever speaking with me. They inititated contact, as I did not request a quote; keeping that in mind, lets skip forward to November 14.

I called ED, and spoke with Chris, to follow up and see if they still had the housing for the same price, which led to talking about upgrading the charger. At this point, I should have asked if we could email, as the conversation started going down hill. While not initially unpleasent, the conversation wasn't what I would call overly friendly; rather, it felt like I was taking him away from something important. I started filling him in on what was happening with my charger, and the mods I had done (the replacement housing required a core, and I was asking if the mods were fine, which I had also done with Glenn, who indicated it was OK.)

The part where it went south was when I inidicated that I had the CH machined to accept a new boot. He asked what was machined, and I told him the flange (forgetting proper terminology). This is when things got more heated, as we were not communicating properly. He kept insisting that he had never heard of a 366 with a flange, and I must have something different, to which I kept replying that it was a box unit. After a minute or 2 of this frustration, I finally blurted out that I could get the machine shops number so he could call and confirm. You could hear the frustration in his voice, as well, with him trying to remain calm (still a bit condescending IMO). Example; after indicating that Glenn had told me the modified housing would be an acceptable core, Chris stated (in a rather definite tone) that Glenn did not deal with the turbo side, which is interesting, since I had spoken to or was contacted by him on 2 separate occassions.

After a minute or 2, he finally asked if I ment the boot lip; yes, that's what I meant. He knows more about these chargers than I do, and this should have popped into his mind after I misidentified it. At this point we should have backtracked a little, clarifed the issue, and taken a breath.

We finally agreed for me to send him an email restating what I was looking for, which I did. It's now the 25th, and still no response. I understand that customers' can be a bear to deal with, and most issues are due to bad communication (which I feel is what happened here); however, it's how the situation was handled after the fact that shows someone's true character, and I feel this was handled badly (like he was bitter about my response with the machine shop and decided to just let my email rot).

Regardless of what really happened, I don't like how things turned out, especially when I've received rapid responses from other vendors (sometimes minutes later), and feel as if I'm not worth his time - always a bad position to be in with a customer.

Chris, as stated, I'm fully aware the conversation could have gone better, and it could also be chalked up to just a bad day. However, I didn't receive so much as a "I'm checking and will get back with you" response. To me that's just bad customer service.

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It seems they only cater to known shops doing builds. I'm not naming the shops but they definitely preach the E.D. custom built turbos and they receive them within a couple weeks at the most.. mine took almost 2 months to show up. Pretty crappy..
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Many moons ago I bought the wrong SS t3 housing, messed up the charger as it "fit" but made slight contact. All I asked was if he was interested in buying it back for less than my purchase, and it turned into finger pointing in the first response (I was already aware it was my idiot mistake)
Few years forward I went as far as agreeing to change my super b special to a 63 with new housing ($525 for housing and wheel), said ok send me the invoice, never got it. Called and left a voicemail asking to make the payment, no response. After that I gave up doing business with them.

Lol just realized how old this is....
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