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Engine noise after truck shut off

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I've got an 09 and right after I shut the truck off I can hear a series of clicks. Is this normal? I'm familiar with the old 5.9s that had the chirp on shutdown but this one is new for me. I tried searching the forums all different ways but all searches resulted in topics not related to this. Any help is appreciated
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my truck does it if its warmed up,when cold it does not.i think its normal?
When I shut mine off I can hear a chirping sound, its always done that. It doesn't really sound like a click, but rather 2-3 chirps.
I have an 2007 with 6.7 and it does the samething. I was wondering the same. Is this normal?
mine does it too. I never looked into it. I was thinking it's the fan coming to a stop. I do know that they designed the pulleys so the belt wouldn't slip when you shut it off. I didn't think there was anything wrong with that. But now we get to listen to three clicking sounds instead. I liked the chirping sound better. I think its kind of a cummins thing. I don't think any other diesel does that.
Mine does it as well...
the clicking i think your taking about is on shutdown, what that is is the crankshaft rocking back and forth due to compression, after you shut her down the momentum of the crank turns untill the compression stroke of the next piston is enough to kick it back the other way a bit, your just hearing the clearance in the connecting rod bearings, as for the chirp its the belts, most big diesels do it, its all normal, worry if it gets louder, indicates worn main and rod bearings.
the clicks that are on my truck isnt from the crank. Sounds like a series of relays clickin....about 4 clicks or so.
what clicks mine dont make any noise
relays eh, thats different, mine dosnt do that
I've got an 08 6.7 and mine does those relay clicking noises as well. It's probably normal, but what the heck is it?
i have a noise also, sounds like a rocking or fan comning to a stop. lasts 1-2 seconds. I was wondering if this was normal
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Sounds like solenoids in tranny resetting to me
i really thought it was the egr cooler motor cable looking thing jumping back and forth. not 100% on that one though.
It's the EGR valves cycling.
clicking sound

i have a 08 6.7 and my truck does that clicking sound i beleive it is the egr controller my dad had a dodger van did the same thing and it was his egr controller hope this helps :cbadge2::cbadge2:
Mine sounds like a compressor winding down,thought maybe it's the turbo spooling down. It's done it since new,cant be the egr (don't have one):confused013:
do you let the engine idle before shutdown the turbine you hear thats the turbo if you let idle before shutdown wont hear it mine does it if i just shutdown let idle for minute or so let me know if you still here after you do that but i bet thats what your hearing:thumbsup:
Mine sounds like the turbo is still spinning when I shut it off. I do let it cool down for a few minute's before shutting it off.It will do it when it's not if even been started for a few day's. I can start it let it run for a minute or two then kill it and get the same noise.
let the turbo cool down before shutoff most def if ur working the engine hard or you can burn it up :thumbsup:
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