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Engine life

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How many miles can you expect from the 2001 5.9 engine?
Looking at one with 250K for 2nd farm truck and wonder.
Had 98 and fuel pump went out at 120K. Dodge wouldn't warranty but contacted Cummins on-line and they did!!
Now have 03 and needed (6) new inectors and lift pump at 101K. To the tune of $6000. Dodge assisted with about $4000 after two months of emails. Cummins said they could no longer assist since Dodges new contract with them.
Good strong running engines but I don't think you can afford the maintenance and repair.
What's the real thought at there? Am I or we nuts??
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if you were to have replace the shiit-tacular stock lift pumps on both trucks w/ a good aftermarket unit at as close to zero miles as possible, you would have not had any of those problems
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