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Engine feels like its missing

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Hi, I have a 99 Dodge Cummins and the other day it started feeling like it was missing randomly when i would fuel it hard or ease into it at full highway speeds. I had an engine light come on the other day and scanned the code and it read that my boost pressure sensor voltage was low, I then cleared the code and it hasnt been back since. This problem does not occur all of the time just random. The truck just has the juice w/ attitude and smoke switch and a 4" turbo back. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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randon spit and sputter

i got 02 with juce and attitude and my truck does the same. usually when i first fire it up and idle. just a quick blurp of miss and then runs normal. once it threw a cel. i cleared it and it hasnt been back since. hmm idk.. think its a computer thing.
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