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engine cutting out/missing

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i've got a 2007 that feels like it is cutting out or missing whenever the outside temp getts about 90-95 degrees or above. i can start out in the morning while its cool and not have a problem. in the afternoon when its hot, i take off from a start after warming up and it feels like its missing till i get to speed. its not more then two or three misses at tops that i feel. no codes are being thrown. my signature shows everything that has been done to the truck. i have cleaned the map sensor and changed the fuel filters but this has made no difference. mechanic thinks that it may be an injector going out. i don't ever see the white smoke i keep hearing everyone talk about. it does blow black smoke a lot easier than it used to. anyone had this problem before? any ideas what might be going on? have an appointment tomorrow to have the injectors checked at a dealer.
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also, i did get it to do this once while at speed when i stepped on it hard. rpms on take off normally 1700 but doesn't seem to make a difference couple times i've played with that. edge, mp8 and fleece settings seem to have no effect.
update, just had the balance test done today to try to determine if any of the injectors were bad. everything came back good on the test. truck refused to act up today as well. so really kinda confused now. anyone got any ideas?
have your batteries tested
batteries were replaced back in december, i'll check them though. i do get that pesky little P063C anytime there is a heavy dew or it rains. been getting that ever since the batteries started going out around thanksgiving. think there is any link here?
Engine Missing

I've got the 2007.5 with the 6.7liter having similar problems, no problems at all at idle or when I really get into it, just sputters or misses a bit during normal acceleration or moderate acceleration; I've got an S&B intake that could probably use a cleaning,5" turbo back exhaust, EGR and DPF/CAT delete, and Smarty Jr. programmer that is set on Stock with deletes, since this happened I've changed the fuel filter and actually filled it with the Lucas fuel additive (the filter and canister) and ran a tank of Exxon (high $$) diesel through it with a quart of Lucas fuel additive, still having the same problem, also notice that the exhaust break sounds different, same tone, just sounds like it's missing too, sequential brake noises instead of one long deceleration;Wondering if my injectors are about to crap out, dirty turbo?? Any input would be helpful, Thanks
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Engine Missing

Sorry guys couldn't figure out how to delete my post, it was a duplicate post
i haven't noticed anything when i use the exhaust brake. yet (knock on wood) have to try it again once i get it all back together. developed a massive transmission oil leak. looks like the darn transmission cooler developed a nice deep pit.
hey fellas, I have noticed this also once in awhile. mostly on a cold start and in reverse (for example, leaving the garage and backing up to hook up to a trailer. Since I took the little gear out of the "old" egr system, I havent noticed it near as much. It was almost like it starves for fuel until it warms up.
mine was doing once everything was warmed up. where is this gear at? i haven't had it in a while. since the day before i went to take it in and have the injectors checked.
From a little birdy in the tree, Edge actually said it helps to take this "gear" out. I'm not a in depth mechanic but where the egr was that ya took out, follow that down and there is a small cover that you can unscrew and take this out. It's the gear that controlled the valve to open and close to recirculate the crap the egr system was designed for. Hope that helps. I'm not saying that is the problem, but I haven't noticed the "miss" now. I do know that if that valve thinks its still working, all it's doing is causing restriction. There was another thread that talked about this same gear a couple weeks ago after I had already took it out, but I can not find it
by the way, being you have basically the same set up as I, what's your 0-60 and 1/4 mile times?
This the valve that is in the intake horn i'm assuming?

honestly, i've never given it hell long enough to find that out. i've felt my tranny slip to many times and i don't like that feel. i ever get the itch i'll find out.
yes in the intake horn.

my edge wont really let the tranny slip. i can hardly lay rubber from a dead stop. i dont really "beat" on my truck but i was curious the other day so i did the tests
mine got chalked up to a dirty turbo; scan showed the injectors were good to go; turbo cleaning was a lot cheaper than injectors by the way :)
well, i haven't had the miss in a while. but i started throwing the P0106, manifold absolute pressure performance, till i unhooked my boost fooler. thought maybe that air flow control valve had something to do with it but, it apparently didn't because its not there. it was deleted. (bought the truck off someone and he did all the deletes, not doing that again, going to buy a newer truck and do them myself.)
well, we're back to the miss and shutter. I took it to a different dealer. they hooked it up and everything checked out to within specs. they feel that the edge is messing with them and not allowing them to see what is really going on. I did have the edge and MP-8 set to stock settings. Figured this would interfere the least amount.

I'm going to take the edge out tonight and see what that does. Anyone have any other suggestions before i go through the effort of removing the edge?
update, just found out i'm running the 330 ohm sims. could this have anything to do with this? could it be trying to go into regen and its doing all of this missing and surging?
i dont think so.
if I remember right, my truck had done it a couple times before mods. Has been running great ever since I took out that little pesky part in the intke horn. Think you have a bigger problem.
i dont think so.
if I remember right, my truck had done it a couple times before mods. Has been running great ever since I took out that little pesky part in the intke horn. Think you have a bigger problem.
well, i kinda did. i managed to find it just haven't had time to post the results. it turned out to be an injector wire grounding out. :doh: I'll post pictures soon. definitely a valuable lesson, watch where the wires get put and make sure they aren't going to rub on something. If so, put something around them so they don't rub.
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