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you should be fine... i just had to do mine in peirce county and all they do is a snap test and put an opacity meter by the tail pipe. I just turned off my quadzilla and set the smarty to 1/2 power. then when they say floor it, just ease into it so ur turbo spools a little before you really snap it. You are allowed an opacity score of 40 and my truck only scored 3, and thats with 110HP injectors and a HRVP, 62mm turbo, and 5" straight pipe. there was no visual inspection or anything... didnt even pop the hood. And nobody commented on how ridiculously loud it was either, or the soot build up that was on the rear fender... or the gauges on the pillar... or the quad pulse moniter in the windshield... or the smarty programmer that was sitting on the center counsel... Then like jigabop said, crank 'er up and leave a cloud when you leave. What a F'n joke!!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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