Hey All;

I purchased a full EMF tie rod end setup with the plan to build my own, bulletproof front end steering setup. I used components from EMF and Synergy to complete the best setup possible. If you are interested in this setup then you know the EMF quality and engineering, there is not a better rod end on the market.

Plans changed since I actually was lucky enough to purchase a full EMF steering setup, so there's no need to fab my own anymore. But, to be honest, this kit will actually give you the best of both EMF and Synergy setups. These parts will allow on the truck adjustment so there is no need to remove the TRE from any of the bores!

Here's what's included and a price breakdown. I am not upcharging for the components, just want to get my money back for everything, so feel free to look on EMF's site and price check for yourself. I don't even see the JimmiLink on the site anymore either. I had to wait for these rod ends for about 6 months, EMF is very busy! No wait for you though.

Here's the breakdown:

  • 2x Synergy Double Adjuster Rod End Pinch Adapters, 7/8-18 LH rod end thread: $120 ($60 ea)
  • 2x EMF rod ends, for standard tapered knuckles, 7/8-18 LH thread: $300 ($150 ea)
  • High angle EMF rod end, pitman arm side, 7/8-18 LH thread: $150
  • Limited Flex Rod end, Drag link to tie rod connection (JimmiLink), 7/8-14 RH thread: $150
  • JimmiLink, 1" ID tubing, 1.5" OD: $30
  • 2x 7/8-18 LH thread weld-in bungs, 1"ID x 1.5" OD (1 is an extra): $30
These will be sold as a complete kit and not separated out.
Total: $780 + shipping

The package weighs approximately 15 lbs, shipping will be on the buyer. If PayPal is used, buyer will cover PayPal fees.

Here's a few detailed photos and a breakdown of where everything in your DIY welded setup would go in the system:

Product Wood Gas Automotive tire Auto part

Automotive tire Table Bicycle part Wood Bumper

Wood Gas Cylinder Engineering Machine

Tableware Wood Gas Automotive tire Table

The last photo shows the JimmiLink with the rod end (7/8-14 RH thread). You will need to order the appropriate weld-in bung adapter for this. It should look exactly like the other 2 in the images, it just needs the correct thread. I was originally planning on modifying a different drag I already had, on the drag link end (chopping the end off and welding in the Synergy connector) and leaving the drag link to tie rod connection alone, which was already welded in and was a 7/8-14 thread. So that's the reasoning behind that.

These rod ends will NOT swap directly out with the Synergy Steering Rod Ends.

Other than that you'll just need 1.5" OD x 1.0" ID DOM tubing.

Not looking to entertain lowball offers for this setup. Serious inquiries only, This is a first come first serve item. I will respond in the order of DM's and give the first person the opportunity to purchase and flow down the list accordingly.

Thanks for taking a look!