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emergency shut off

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how are guys hookin those up. is there a "kit" available to buy from some place?

thanks for the help!!:thumbsup
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Most Shops sell kits i.e. haisleys, scheids, I think they get a bit expensive, but Ive seen a few home made kits. I think its a lot more head scratching than anything else to get it to work right.
u can make one for 40 bucks i think get a rain cap for a stack bolt it on your compressor housing drill a hole to put a pin in and keep flap open connect a piece of cable to the pin so if you can pull the pin out and the air turbo suck it shut and shut truck down in no time how we make them cant afford 500 plus bucks from haisley or schied
what about the one that the sled operated kill switch?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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