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electrical problems

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My power mirrors quit working this evening when I went to adjust them. Also the dome light, cargo light, and clock/radio quit also, checked every fuse all are ok. Does anyone have any suggestions or a wiring diagram for an 02 3500.

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did you check the fuses under the hood as well as in the cab?

yes i did, but i found it this morning it was a fuse labeled iod it is covered up by a black clip and hard to see especially in the dark! it is located in the dash fuse block. i am also a IBEW member Local 760 inside wireman.

I was going to say it was probably the iod fuse...yeah, them black parts are hard to find in the dark. lol.

Where do you live? I love my job. I was working non union for a while but love it so much better now. I started my apprenticeship just over a month ago. Are you a journyman?
awesome, I can't wait till I turn out :thumbsup
1 - 3 of 6 Posts