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ok here goes, i have a 1998 3500 4x4 ( all stock). i have several elec. prob's.
right rear signal will not work even with new bulb,but will work on occ.
wipers and radio and ? will not turn off with key, and will drain battery if left over two days.
brake lite comes on acc. sometimes often other times occ.
when lite comes on sometime shortly after speedo will stop working ,but not every time.
a/c comp. will not pull on.
when first started charging sys. will take 1 to 2 min. to come up to full charging.then ok untill cold again.
has not happened in awhile but,at times clock and temp/ mpg comp. will dimm when barkes applied.
on one occ. seat belts woud not release, two days later they were fine and have been sense.
can anyone help???????????????:banghead:
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